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 In this blog, the important questions of Pakistan will be answered. This will increase knowledge and achieve success. Pak studies important questions and answers in preparation for the exam.

1)Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan Name of the first Chief Minister?
Answer: Abdul Qayyum Khan Kashmiri
2)The name of the first governor of Sindh province?
Answer: Sheikh Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah
3)Pakistan sent the first space satellite into space.
4) Name of Pakistan's first daily newspaper?  
Answer: Roznama amroz
5)The name of the first commander-in-chief of the Pakistan Army
  Answer: General Frank Walter Meseravi
6)The name of the first Chief Minister of Sindh province? 
 Answer: Muhammad Ayub Khoro
7)Pakistan opened its first embassy in which country?
  Answer: Iran
8)First Governor of State Bank of Pakistan?  
Answer: Zahid Hussain
 9)Name of the first captain of the Pakistan cricket team?  
Answer: Abdul Hafeez Kardar 
10)Pakistan's first museum? 
 Answer: Karachi
11)Pakistan cricket team visited which country for the first time?  
Answer: India
12)The name of the first woman governor of Pakistan?  
Answer: Begum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan (Governor of Sindh Province) 
13)The name of the first governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province?  
Answer: Sir George
14)First Chief Justice of Pakistan?  
Answer: Sir Abdul Rasheed
15) The name of the first president of Azad Kashmir?  
Answer: Sardar Ibrahim Khan

16)  Pakistan's first female commercial pilot? 
 Answer:Shaukria khanm 
17) First Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir? 
 Answer: Abdul Hameed Khan
 18)Pakistan's first female Major General?
  Answer: Shahida Malik
 19) Pakistan's first woman federal minister? 
 Answer: Begum Kulsoom Saifullah Khan
 20) Name of the first Chief Minister of Punjab province?
  Answer: Nawab Iftikhar Hussain Khan Mamdot
21)The largest district of Pakistan?
  Answer: Chagai (Balochistan)
22)Where is the most enormous fort in Pakistan?
  Answer: Ranikot (Sindh)
23)Where are most languages ​​spoken in Pakistan? 
Answer: Balochistan 
24)Where do the borders of the four provinces meet? 
 Answer: Dera Ghazi Khan
25)Where is the biggest railway platform in Pakistan?
Answer: Rohri
26) Where is Pakistan's first television station? 
 Answer: In Lahore
27)Which is the biggest barrage of Pakistan?
  Answer: Sukkur Barrage
28)Which is the largest university in Pakistan?  
Answer: Punjab University, Lahore 
 29)Pakistan's biggest desert?
  Answer: Thar desert 
30)Pakistan's largest division? 
 Answer: Kalat Division (Baluchistan).
31)Which is the largest island of Pakistan?
 Answer: Manuda Sindh
 32)Pakistan's first women's bank?
  Answer: 1989
 33)Pakistan's largest coal mine? 
 Answer: Thar Parker (Sindh)
34) Which is the longest river in Pakistan?
  Answer: Indus River
35)Pakistan's largest lake? 
Answer:  Manchhar Lake 
36) Pakistan's largest airline? 
Answer:  (PIA)
 37) Pakistan's biggest museum? 
Answer:  National Museum( Karachi)
38)Where is Pakistan's first geoscientific laboratory?
  Answer: Karachi
39) Where is the biggest radio station in Pakistan?
  Answer: Islamabad
40) Pakistan's largest nuclear power station? 
 Answer: Karachi
41) Which is the biggest dam in Pakistan?

  Answer: Tarbela Dam.
 42) Which is the biggest airport in Pakistan?  
Answer: Jinnah International Airport (Karachi)
43)Which is the biggest industry in Pakistan?   
Answer: Textiles
44) Most published in Pakistan the next newspaper?
 Answer: Daily War
  45) Which is the biggest forest in Pakistan?
 Answer: Changa manga
46)The largest park in Pakistan.  
Answer: Ayub National Park (Rawalpindi)
47)  Pakistan's biggest fort?  
Answer: Ranikot (Sindh)
48) Pakistan's largest kaan?
Answer: khewra
 49) Pakistan's largest What is the library?
 Answer: Punjab Public Library
50) Who was the first defense minister of Pakistan?

Answer: Liaquat ali khan

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