important current affairs question and answer July 2023

                                                          Current affairs July 2023
1)When is World Zoonoses Day observed each year?
Answer: 6 July 
2) On what date was Mussaarat Hilali sworn in as the Supreme Court's second female judge?
Answer: 7 July 2023
3) WMO has released the Ozone and UV Bulletin after a period of:?
Answer: 7 years
4) Zelenskyy to visit Turkey, as Ukraine demands?
Answer: NATO membership
5) Who was re-elected as NATO Secretary General for a second year?
Answer: Jens Stoltenberg
6) The NATO summit of chiefs of state will be held on July 11-12.
Answer: Vilnius Lithuania
7) What is the name of the national space mission for Earth observation?
Answer: Australia 
8) What is Pakistan's position in the global competitiveness index 2023?
Answer: 110th
9) First, is there direct air travel between Pakistan and Kazakhstan?
Answer: 8 July 
10) Who appointed the new IG of the United Kingdom?
Answer: Afzal mehbood But
11) Who challenged the new chairman of Pakistan's Nicrosoft Network?
Answer: Kabber Naqvi
12) Who was appointed as the new chairman of the PCB management committee?
Answer: Zaka Ashraf
13) Who was re-elected as FAO's Director-General?
Answer: china qu Dongyu
14) Which country's government outlaws beauty salons and cancels licenses?
Answer: Afghanistan
15) Who is the top-ranked FIFA men's national football team?
Answer: Argentina
16) In which country was the first gold-plated hotel built?
Answer: Vietnam
17) On what day will ANOOSA and the rest of the globe commemorate International Moon Day 2023?
Answer: 20 July 
18) Is there an international chess day every year?
Answer: 20 July 
19) Is there a World Jump Day every year?
Answer: 20 July 
20) Which country was ranked last in the Henley Passport Index 2023 Q3?
Answer: Afghanistan
21) Pakistan's place in the Henley Passport Index 2023 Q3?
Answer: 100 out of 103
22) Who became the United Kingdom's first female deputy speaker?
Answer: Sadia Danish
23) Iraq is the first country to purchase JF-17 fighter aircraft.
Answer: Pakistan 
24) Which country will host the "BIMSTEC" FM meeting?
Answer: Thailand
25) Which country will host an international defense show in October 2023?
Answer: South Korea 
26) In his first journey outside Russia since then, Russia's President meets with Iran's Supreme Leader in Tehran.
Answer: 24 February 
27) When is International Self-Care Day observed each year?
Answer:  24 July 
28) Every year on what day is World Brain Day observed?
Answer: 22 July 
29) Which country is the 51st to sign the ASEAN Treaty?
Answer: Saudi Arabia
30) Which of the following is the current Islamic Hijri year?
Answer: 1445 Hijri
31) Which country came out on top in the Nuclear Security Index 2023?
Answer: Australia 
32) The Ukrainian foreign minister has arrived in Pakistan for a two-day visit.
Answer: 20 July 2023
33) The United Nations High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) held from 10 to 19 July 2023 under the auspices of the ESO in?
Answer:  New York, USA
34) Which Pakistani mountaineer climbed the world's twelve highest peaks without the use of oxygen?
Answer: Sajid Sadpara
35) Which three countries have completed the tri-national inter-regional railway track project?
Answer: Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan 
36) Which country will hold the ASEAN countries conference on traditional medicines on July 20, 2023?
Answer: India 
37) Which country is hosting the G20 global food regulation summit?
Answer: Lithuania
38) Who will be the first female admiral to lead the United States Navy?
Answer: Lisa Franchetti
39) For the first time in 70 years, the UK has a roll of first passports with the title?
Answer: King Charles III
40) On, Pakistan and Azerbaijan will sign a landmark KNG deal?
Answer: 24 July 
41) The European Union has announced 7.6 million euros in humanitarian help to?
Answer: Afghanistan
42) Will the FIFA Women's World Cup be held from July 20 to August 20, 2023?
Answer: Aus and New zeeland
43) Name the contemporary navy warships that have recently been mentioned in the Pakistan Navy?
Answer: Tipu Sultan PNS Shajahan
44) Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah launched the Dolphin Force to maintain calm in?
Answer: Islamabad
45) Which country topped the 2023 Global Peace Index?
Answer: Iceland 
46) When is World Sports Journalist Day observed?
Answer: 2 July 
47) Is International Plastic Bag-Free Day observed?
Answer: 3 July 
48) Zaheel ul Haq, a former senator, died in 2023.
Answer: 4 July 
49) In which case, Khalid Khurshid was recently dismissed as CM of the United Kingdom on July 4, 2023?
Answer: Fake Degree 
50) Pakistan commemorated Karnal Sher Khan's death anniversary on which date in 2023?
Answer: 24th
51) Which of the following is the most recent member of the 4 July 2023 (SCO)?
Answer: Iran 
52) When is Yaaum-e-Taqaddus-e-Quran?
Answer: 7 July 2023


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