important current affairs question and answer 2023

 In this blog, the important current affairs question and answer 2023 for the preparation of the exam. question of current affairs will increase your knowledge more and you will succeed in the exam.


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1)What is Sindh Province's overall budget outlay for 2023-24?"

Answer: 2,244 billion

2) Every year on what day is World Refugee Day observed?

Answer: 20 June

3) Each year, World Yoga Day is observed on?

Answer: 21 June

4) Where is the new global financing pact summit held in Paris?

Answer: 22-23 June 2023

5) Bihar, India is hosting a two-day G-20 labor engagement meeting on?

Answer: 22 June 2023

6) Who will be Pakistan's 29th Chief Justice in September 2023?

Answer: 22 June 2023

7) Which country just unveiled an economic revitalization plan?

Answer: Pakistan

8) Pakistan leases the Karachi Port Terminal to the UAE for?

Answer: 50 years

9) From June 14 to July 14, 2024, Germany will host the tournament in? 

Answer: Berlin

10) Every year, the International Day of the Seafarer is observed on?

Answer: 25 June 

11) Which city was named the world's most livable city in 2023 by the EIU?

Answer: Vienna

12) On June 22, a global new financial agreement summit was convened in?

Answer: Paris 

13) On what date did Germany's parliament approve a new immigration law? 

Answer: 23 June 

14) A previously unknown auxiliary Maya city has been unearthed in the jungles of? 

Answer: Southern Mexico

15) Has Kazakhstan decided to quit hosting Syria talks?

Answer: Russia 

16) In what year does the Kara Kuram International Boxing Championship begin?

Answer: Gilgit

17) How many persons were killed in the Titan submersible?

Answer: 5 people 

18) Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, meets Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in? 

Answer: New York 

19) The United Nations General Assembly has designated 2023 as "Small Micro and Medium Enterprises Day."

Answer: 27 June

20) Every year, the International Day Against Drug Abuse is observed.

Answer: 26 June 

21) Kyriakos Mitsotakis re-elected as Greece's Prime Minister on?

Answer: 26 June 2023

22) From where is the Indian Prime Minister's 5-day travel to the United States? 

Answer: 20-24 June 2023

23) Which country's Prime Minister announced plans for a $17 billion transport project connecting Asia to Europe?

Answer: Iraq 

24) As part of which mission will China send its first civilian astronaut into space?

Answer: Crewed Mission

25) Which country launched the Shenzhou-16 mission to the International Space Station?

Answer: China 

26) Which country's spy satellite launch failed and crashed on May 31, 2023?

Answer: North Korea

27) Which organization published the report Thriving in a Changing Climate: Making Cities Green, Resilient, and Inclusive?

Answer: World Bank

28) Which president suggested a common currency for South America?

Answer: Brazil's president, Lula da Silva

29) On May 31, Pakistan inked a visa waiver deal with which European country forbearers of 'Red and Blue passports'?

Answer: Belarus

30) Which space corporation launched 52 Starlink satellites on May 31?

Answer: Space X

31) Who has been appointed as Greece's acting Prime Minister?

Answer: Ioannis Sarmas

32) Pakistan's annual inflation rate has climbed to?

Answer: 37.97%

33) Pakistan's proposed budget for the fiscal year 2023-24 is?

Answer: RS.2.659 Trillion

34) The government has set GDP growth for the fiscal year 2023-24.

Answer: 3.5%

35) Who won the title of Miss Trans Pakistan 2023 (transgender)?

Answer: Alina Khan

36) Who has reclaimed the title of World's Richest Man?" 

Answer: Elon Musk 

37) On June 1st, the BRICS foreign ministers met in?

Answer: Cape Town, South Africa 

38) On what day is the International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression observed?

Answer: 4 June 

39) The 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly will begin on?

Answer: 5 September 2023

40) Who was named president of the forthcoming United Nations General Assembly in 2023?

Answer: Dennis France Country: Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean

41) Which country is constructing the world's deepest hole?

Answer: China 

42) On June 1, 2023, the United States declared that it would cease data sharing with Russia under the SH8ch Treaty.

Answer: New start 

43) On June 3, who was the Turkiye vice president's opponent?

Answer: Cevdet Yilmaz

44) who appointed Turikye's new foreign affairs minister?

Answer: Hakan Fidan

45) Which country prepares to host the biggest NATO air development exercise?

Answer: Garmany

46) Huawei to launch a ChatGPT rival named?

Answer: Pangu

47) which country has recently presented its first Hypersonic Missile named Fattah?

Answer: Iran

48) Ministry of Commerce has announced a list of 57 products for barter traders with?

Answer: Russia, Iran, Afghan

49) Pakistan Navy has inducted the third type 054- Alpha ship named PNS Shahjahan reached the Karachi port the ship was built.

Answer: China 

50) Pakistan budget for 2023-24 was announced on 9 June by?

Answer: Ishaq Dar

51) the world bank has projected Pakistan's economy to grow by 2 percent in the fiscal year of? 

Answer: 2023-24


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